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"The light is not at the end of the tunnel. The light is wherever you are.
If you keep thinking your resolve lies in the future then it will always be just
out of reach." - David Ault

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Reawake - New Single

Item 2 Title

Item 2 Description

Voluntour to Cambodia - January 23rd-February 2nd, 2013

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Item 4 Description

Watch David Live Every Sunday 9 and 11:30am EST

Item 5 Title

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25 Years and Forward: David Ault Anniversary Edition

Item 6 Title

Item 6 Description

Where Regret Cannot Find Me

News & Updates

Check out some exciting new David Ault events you don't wanna miss!

Purchase David's new single, Reawake. Click Here.

Join David in Switzerland - August 12 - 16, 2013 Click Here.

Watch David live via livestream every Sunday at 9:30 and 11:30am EST Click Here To Watch.


David Ault 25 Year Limited Edition CD is on sale. All proceeds are tax-deductible and go to Khmer Child Foundation. Get your copy or gift someone this great collection with FREE shipping here.